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Spoiler - Episode 1.12 Casting Call

Posted by Admin Thursday, October 15, 2009

[TIMOTHY] 30s-40s, Caucasian. An everyman but naturally charismatic. Very well-spoken, intelligent, dynamic. Interacts with people who look to him for leadership and provides empathetic counsel. Guest star. WILL RECUR

[MARCUS] 20's, African American - a sunny disposition in all circumstances. Middle class and smart. Love insects. GUEST STAR

[ROSALIND ("ROZ")] 50s, Caucasian. Suffers from schizophrenia, emotionally distant, doesn't mince words. Alternates between articulate lucidity and clear breaks with reality in interacting with her daughter. Guest star.

[PAIGE] 20s-30s, Caucasian, Attractive Brunette. Pragmatic young mother. Argues with her younger sister about familial obligations. MAY RECUR

[CHARLENE] 40s, open to all ethnicities. Pleasant, helpful but not a doormat, she possesses an offbeat energy. Slick, corporate, she describes her project's goals to an interested party. one scene but may come back

[PAM] Early 50''s, Caucasian, brilliant, speed freaks. She is quirky, but lovable. A friend of Janis's but doesn't work at the FBI. Could recur.

[JANE] 40s-50s, Open to all ethnicities. Warm, understanding, even-keeled. A physician, she assesses her patient carefully before advising a course of action. one scene

[JOANNE] 35yrs Any ethnicity. A new age birthing instructor. Has very strong feelings on how a pregnant woman should deliver her baby and isn't shy about making sure everyone knows about them. 3 scenes.

[SERGIO] 40s-50s, Open to all ethnicities. Overweight, affable window washer. Has his own opinions on how things should be done and isn't shy about expressing them to a co-worker.sptv050769 co-star

[PHIL] 30s, Open to all ethnicities. Manager of a restaurant. Amiable, accommodating. blue collar Chats with a patron about a lost item. One scene

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